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rtockst 11-06-2009 09:52 PM

could my recipe calculator be wrong?
I just recently got the ingredients for an arctic red clone. the problem is that the og is supposed to be about 1.055

the recipe is an extract recipe and calls for 3.3 lbs LME and 2lb 2 oz of DME. in my recipe calculator that comes to an og of about 1.04

can anyone tell me if my calculator is wrong or if this recipe is perhaps wrong? it came from brew your own magazine, and i double checked the recipe on the net. they are the same. I also checked to see that the volume in the primary was the same. What do you all think?

annasdadhockey 11-06-2009 10:15 PM

I come up with 1.041 for a 5.5 gallon batch.

rtockst 11-06-2009 10:24 PM

alright well thanks

ajf 11-07-2009 02:47 PM

To get a gravity of 1.055 from 3.3 lbs LME and 2 lbs 2 oz of DME, you would need to brew a 4g batch.
Did the recipe include any sugar?


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