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joeg13 02-07-2013 02:49 AM

Which commercial beer tasting software do you use?
I track the beers that I've tried using my iPhone. I've tried BrewGene, BeerBuddy, Pintley, Brew Vault, and Untappd. They all have flaws. I find myself using BrewGene the most. It's selection has always been great. I rarely run into a beer that's not in there. My problem with it is that it has really poor beer descriptions. The Facebook post are poorly formatted, don't include my rating, and use photos uploaded by users. I want to say that the recommendation engine isn't good, but I can't find any of the beers it recommends. Some kind of regional awareness would be nice. BeerBuddy is great, but RateBeer requires that you score the aroma, appearance, palate, taste, overall, and give a description. When I'm at a bar, I can take a minute to find at beer and click of 4 stars, but all of that is too much for my needs. What do you guys think?

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