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axr 07-08-2009 12:39 PM

Brewing calculators
Hey homebrewers-

I'm gradually progressing to my goal of AG brewing and am now entering the full boil stage (factoring hops utilization, fermentables, etc.) and recipe creation. I know there are several calculators out there like BeerSmith, ProMash, etc., but was wondering if anyone can vouch for the free calculators that are available like TastyBrew or QBrew - to name a couple- or if there are any out there that are more highly recommended yet free? Right now I'm leaning towards TastyBrew due to simplicity of use and overall layout (QBrew is a little difficult to navigate and not intuitive).

Any recco's or comments regarding TastyBrew's reliability would be appreciated.


RCCOLA 07-08-2009 02:41 PM

I use beer calculus and find that is is very accurate when YOU set the #s correctly.
When I set it for my efficiency I always come out w/in .002 of my gravities-and that's on all-grain calculations.

Beer Calculus . homebrew recipe calculator

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