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HopSong 01-22-2012 02:37 AM

BeerSmith Help
I just installed BeerSmith2 and need some help.

Is there a way for BeerSmith to define an ale based on ingredients? I have a batch of stuff I'd like to make a beer out of but don't quite know how to approach. Not sure how much of each to use.. especially the hops. I'd consider they should be broken down into multiple additions for bittering, etc

Here is what I have for a 5 gallon batch:
1# German Munich 6L
1# Canadian Honey Malt 25L
1# Caramel 80L
.5# Carafa I 300L
2 oz Cascade 6.4%
2 oz Cluster 7.9%
2 oz Garman Magnun 14.1%

Two different yeasts avail
Wyeast 1762 Belgian Abby Ale II
Wyeast 1272 Am Ale II

My thoughts are to use:
.5 oz Magnum at 60 min
.5 oz Magnum at 45 min
1 oz Cluster at 30 min
1 oz Cascade at 5 min
1 oz Cluster at 5 min
Dry hop for 14 days with 1 oz Cascade and 1 oz Magnum

Thanks for any help/pointers

Brewskii 01-25-2012 04:08 PM

BS2 won't back into a style like the white pages reverse look-up as far as I know. You kind of have to know what you got and get a feel fir what category it will fit in ( I would say from what you have the yeast is what will determine the beer style your making since Belgian yeast are so front stage in whatever they are in).
I would look at the list of apropriate beer styles in the descriptors on the Wyeast website for your yeast and then choose one of those styles in the drop down on the design tab below the ingredient window. Then add or subtract what you have in the way of grains and/or hops until it looks like somthing cool. That fits the style.
You can also just throw it all in a recipie and then look for a description that fits but just because the OG and IBU works dosnt mean you have somthing that fits the style ( I.e. You shouldn't use American hops if your brewing a true Duseldorf Alt Bier)

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