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rhamilton 08-29-2012 07:23 PM

Any .NET (C#) Developers Out There With Interest In Developing A Site?
Earlier this year I built out a Hopville/BeerSmith/RateBeer hybrid application for personal use which has served me well.

With the release of Windows 8, Lightswitch 2012, and the HTML5 Lightswitch Client next month, I'll be creating a similar system for public use. I have already started development with the pre-release software available from Microsoft but after analyzing development time left for the initial feature-set, I won't be able to have a life for the rest of the year to hit a 4Q beta launch.

Because of this, I'm open to the idea of bringing in a partner. I will say up-front that I am unwilling to pay hourly rates but I'm open to profit-sharing with a long-term partner. The project is a member of Microsoft's WebSite Spark program so there is lots of free, legal software licenses like SQL, Visual Studio, etc. available. I also have a high-end virtual server which you can use for your other projects (worth at least $100/month).

This is a side-project for me so don't expect a huge weekly workload. I shoot for 6 hours per week but you can set your own pace. Must code in C#. Bonus points for existing Lighswitch, HTML5/Mobile, Subversion, SQL, Testing/TDD experience. Must also sign a non-disclosure and do-not-compete contract. You also must have a Windows 8 machine for development but you can dual-boot Win7/Win8.

If you think this is a project for you, shoot me a PM.

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