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duboman 08-29-2012 12:22 PM

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Originally Posted by cwi View Post
I am not saying this is how brewing software should work, but this is due to BeerSmith using 'to the fermenter' for brewhouse efficiency. So, trub loss is part of that number. If you increase/decrease trub loss, you need to decrease/increase the BeerSmith definition of efficiency.

The part about it keeping the OG the same, even though it tells you to add extra water, is truly devious. It does this by magically increasing your mash efficiency, even over 100% at times. No warnings, no popups, nothing. Normally you don't even care about mash eff pre-brew anyway, so it is hidden in the fine print until your brewday goes haywire, and you see the trap you fell into. This is just a side effect of how BeerSmith's algorithm tries to reverse engineer all the numbers for a recipe. It could definitely be improved, but this seems to be what they are sticking with.

The best way to use BeerSmith, is to set trub loss to 0. (some even advocate setting all losses to 0) You then just increase (use the scaling tool to do this) the batch size to account for any losses. This makes adapting to equipment changes and ingredient differences much easier (think leaf vs. pellet). The efficiency number is then 'to the kettle' (which is a more useful number anyway). The batch size includes the trub, so you have to remember/notate that somewhere, since you sure as F can't put it where it is supposed to go.

None of that is correct. You can change equipment settings, for the recipe only, or to the equipment's profile, and BeerSmith will change the recipe. If you change the profile itself, I believe you have to pick it again. If you change it locally (there is a button), it changes automatically. For trub changes, you would have to hand calc, or trust someone elses calculator, to get your new efficiency number due to trub losses.

Previously entered recipes contain all information from the equipment profile used to create it. No changes to existing recipes will occur, unless you go to edit them and pick the equipment profile again from the drop down, which triggers a reload.
Since you seem so hell bent on Beer Smith not only here but in other threads I thought I would post my Equipment profile as I have it set. I have been using this set up for over 20 batches and I have not experienced one issue in my brewing process. All of my numbers are spot on for gravities and required volumes in all phases of my process.

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