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Alchemy 01-18-2012 04:05 AM

Cherry Pomegranate Apple Cider "Sweet n' Cheap"
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Want to start by saying this was carbed via keg and back sweetened. You could sweeten and bottle carb and pasteurize but you will need to look on the forums for those instructions. You could also try to stop this early but a.)it will be cloudy and 4.) 1118 yeast can be basically frozen before it will stop working.


5 gallons motts cider from costco/bjs/sams or whatever
lalvin 1118 champagne yeast
1.5lbs brown sugar
yeast energizer
yeast nutrient
3 cans Old Orchard Cherry pomegranate concentrate

Put the containers of juice in the fridge to cool them down. Once they are cool take a little off the top of each of them and pour it into a pot (about an 1/8th out of each bottle will work) and put them back in the fridge. put the 1.5 lbs of brown sugar in the pot (a 2 or 3 gallon pot works). Put the heat up to medium-low and do not boil, stir and disolve the sugar into the juice. While this is working make sure to rehydrate the yeast in a small glass bowl using previously boiled and cooled to 80 - 90f water. just sprinkle the yeast on top of the water and cover with foil. Set a timer for 15 minutes as when that goes off you will stir with a sanatized spork and pitch into the fermenter.

Pour the juice/sugar mixture from the pot into the fermentation bucket/carboy and add 1 tbsp yeast nutrient and energizer.

Take the cooled bottles of juice and shake each one of them vigorously and then pour into the fermenter one by one. Once you have rehydrated the yeast and stirred pitch into fermenter and place in 70-72f dark area with an airlock on it.

I let this stay in primary for a month and didn't have to use secondary. Basically just let it finish fermenting and go clear..it most likely finished earlier than that but i didn't have time to keg it until around 30 days.

I kegged at 20psi at 40f on top of 1/6tsp sulfite and 1 tsp sorbate and the 3 concentrate cans of cherry pomegranate juice.

It came out pretty damn amazing Cheers!

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