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NerdyMarie 01-06-2011 10:21 PM

Mango Pulp Wine
Note: I wrote this recipe out for beginners, so there will be some "duh" to it here!

This wine starts out very orange, thick, and pulpy. It won’t look anything like wine for a few months, as the pulp and yeast slowly settle. When all is said and done, you will be left with a crystal clear, pale, straw colored wine. Sweet, fruity, delicious wine that goes down a little too well… and costs only $1-2/bottle!

Another nice thing about this wine is that it is very good when “young”. Unlike many recipes, this one is tasty and ready to drink in only about 4-5 months! Age it if you like – we haven’t been able to keep any long enough to see how it ages! We just put on a 6 gallon batch of this.

The ABV on this comes out to about 15-16%.

Home Brewed Mango Pulp Wine Recipe

8 cups water
30 oz can of Mango Pulp*
6 cups white sugar
1.5 tsp acid blend
tsp pectinase (pectic enzyme)
1 tsp yeast nutrient
1/4 tsp wine tannin
1 packet Red Star “Champagne” yeast

Combine water, mango pulp, and sugar in a large clean, sanitized pot. Cook over medium heat, stirring frequently, until sugar dissolves and mixture comes to a simmer. Remove from heat.

Stir in acid blend, pectic enzyme, yeast nutrient, and wine tannin. Cover pot with sanitized lid, allow to cool to room temperature.

Using sanitized equipment, take a gravity reading. It should be in around the 1.122 area. Keep track of the number!

Using a sanitized funnel, transfer cooled mixture to a sanitized 1 gallon carboy. Sprinkle yeast into carboy, cover with sanitized air lock. Let sit, undisturbed, overnight.

Within 24 hours, you should notice fermentation activity – bubbles in the airlock, carbonation and /or swirling in the wine must. This means you’re good to go! Put the carboy somewhere cool (not cold!), and leave it alone for 2-3 weeks.

After 2-3 weeks, you should notice that the wine has clarified a fair amount, with a thick layer of sediment in the bottom of the carboy. Using sanitized equipment, rack the clarified wine off the sediment, into a clean, freshly sanitized 1 gallon carboy. Cap with sanitized airlock, leave it alone for 2-3 months.

Repeat racking process. Leave wine alone for a month or so.

Using sanitized equipment, rack the wine into clean, sanitized bottles. Cork. (We like to use these for corking our homemade wine. Easy to use – no special equipment needed! – easy to uncork, and – should you have any wine left in your bottle after serving (pfft!), the “cork” is easily replaced for temporary storage!

Enjoy.. and start planning for a larger batch!

* We use Swad Kesar mango pulp, which is readily available in our local grocer’s international foods aisle for about $3/ can. It’s also available at Indian grocery shops and online.


Yooper 01-06-2011 11:37 PM

Wow- that looks great! I showed that to Bob, who is now googling "mango pulp"! We rarely get to the Twin Cities (or any big cities in the area) but if we do get over there, what store do you buy this in?

NerdyMarie 01-07-2011 12:29 AM


Originally Posted by Yooper (Post 2529801)
Wow- that looks great! I showed that to Bob, who is now googling "mango pulp"! We rarely get to the Twin Cities (or any big cities in the area) but if we do get over there, what store do you buy this in?

I get it at Cub

Seriously, order like a 6 pack online and make a big batch. It is SO freaking tasty!!

NerdyMarie 01-07-2011 12:32 AM

Oh, and get extra because it's CRACK. Mix a bit with water for a mango nectar type drink. Mix some with yogurt for a mango lassi. Put it on ice cream, make margaritas with it... BATHE in it.. seriously, so, so good!

Xcorpia 02-10-2011 03:57 AM


This recipe looks tasty! I'm going to buy some mango pulp this weekend to start a 3 gallon batch. So one question since I'm a beer brewer and this will be my first wine: do I have to top off with water when I rack into the 2nd and 3rd carboys?


NerdyMarie 02-10-2011 11:11 AM

We didn't!

Xcorpia 02-11-2011 03:21 AM

Easy peasy! Thanks for the quick reply. :)

Xcorpia 02-28-2011 07:37 PM

I started a 5 gallon batch of this last night. Smells and tastes great!

Atek 02-28-2011 11:00 PM

Anyone have a picture of it finished possibly poured in a glass? :-)

Hoppin_Mad 03-01-2011 02:18 AM

I am thinking about making a 5 gallon batch of this. Has anyone else done that successfully?

Is it fine to just multiply all of the ingredient amounts times 5 (besides the yeast)?

I ask because I have never used pectinase or wine tannins before and know very little about their use.

Any other advice/ideas ?

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