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brazedowl 12-17-2011 04:35 PM

Blueberry Wine
10# Sugar
10# Blueberries
4# Raisins
0.5 tbls Pectic Enzyme
2 Campden Tablets
1 tbls nutrient
1 tbls energizer
1.5 tbls Acid Blend
1pkt Montrachet yeast
Water to 5.5 gal

1) dissolve sugar, acid blend, nutrient, energizer, and campden tablets in 1-2 gallons of warm water. I kept it on the stove on the lowest setting until it was all dissolved. Stir regularly or the sugar will stick to the bottom.

2) Put blueberries in the blender and added water to about a quarter the volume of the blueberries and blended. Pureed blueberries were placed in a nylon brew-bag. The bag is placed in the brew bucket once full and tied off with a twist tie. I had this bag in a bowl to catch the juice that leaked through while filling. This juice was, of course, added to the brew.

3) Raisins were chopped the say way with warm water in the blender. I was shocked that there was no sticking or jamming of the blender. Great method. I used enough warm water to just cover the raisins in the bender. They were then bagged and added same as the blueberries.

4) Once contents of the pot on the stove are dissolved pour over the bags and stir.

5) Kept adding water until the brew bucket was about 1'' from the top. Then let it sit to allow the pectic enzyme to work for a while.

.... 12 hours later

6) use about 2 cups of the solution to start your yeast in a small jar or cup. After it's frothy, swirl, pitch and give a quick stir.

7) cover and wait about a week. I accidentally use a lid and airlock, but some people like to just cover with a towel or cheese cloth.

.... 7(ish) days later

8) Remove nylon bags and twist to strain out juice. I even the let them sit in a wire strainer in a bowl to let more of the juice drip out while completing the last steps here. Do NOT use a press because the blended fruit will just squish out everywhere and make a terrible mess.

9) Rerack to a 5gal carboy and a half-gal (or similar) small jug. The small jug will be used for topping up on subsequent rerackings. Add dripped juice to either jug.

10) Rack and treat as other wines until clear.

~~Primary Details~~
Sat in an Ale Pail on my kitchen counter for a week. Regular room temp 70F-75F

Used blue plastic water jug (the type found at lowes etc). Already had a debate in another thread about oxygen permeability, and yeast settling but it ended up not being any problem (at least that I could taste or see).

Stabilized a week prior to bottling by racking onto 5 crushed campden tablets and just shy of a tablespoon of of sorbate.

~~Moral of the story~~
Cheap. SWEET. Enjoyed by all.

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