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lnashsig 12-30-2012 11:02 PM

Freetail "Four" clone direct from Brewery recipe
This all-grain recipe is for a 6-gallon batch (to allow for boil off and trub-loss) and assumes a 75% mash efficiency.
5 lbs 10 oz pils malt
3.5 lbs vienna malt
3.5 lbs munich malt
13 oz dark wheat (6-8 L)
8 oz Weyermann CaraBelge (or a cara 8/ carablond)
6 oz melanoidin malt
4 oz biscuit malt
3 oz chocolate wheat

Weyermann makes all of these malts, except for the biscuit which came from Castle (Chateau) malterie.

Mash at 154 F for 1 hour.
Boil for 75 min
60 min hop addition (about 8.5 g of 15% AA Columbus to achieve 25 IBU)
Add 1 oz dark cocoa powder during whirlpool (at knock out)
Primary fermentation on WLP 007, or some other high-floc/neutral yeast
Add 9 oz unsweetened/unsulphured coconut flakes to secondary (toast half of them briefly in 250 F oven until golden brown)
After one week, transfer to a keg and serve or to a bottling vessel for bottling.

SLCRebellion 01-05-2013 04:28 AM

Wow there Is alot going on there. Really strong grain bill, what is the taste like?

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