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HopEd 06-15-2009 11:09 PM

Irish-Italian Ale
My friend who is half Italian is getting married to his Irish-Italian girlfriend. So I decided to make this red Irish ale with Italian spices for their rehearsal dinner. The ale is based off of Whistling Pig Red Ale from Clone Recipes for U.S. Beers (p127) to which I added some basil, oregano, and rosemary.

Heat 1.5 gallons water to 164F. Crush:
2 lb. pale malt
8 oz. medium (50L) crystal malt
4 oz. brown malt
8 oz. carapils malt

Add to water and steep at 152F for 90 min. sparge with 2.25 gallons water at 168F. Add to runnings:
3.5 lb. unhopped, amber DME

Bring to boil, then add:
3 AAUs Willamette hops
3 AAUs Goldings hops

Boil 60 min, then add:
3 AAUs Golding hops
0.25 tsp dry basil leaves
0.25 tsp dry oregano
0.25 tsp dry rosemary leaves

Remove from heat. Cool, then add to fermenter along with enough water to bring the total volume to 5 gallons. Cool to 68F and pitch:
Irish ale yeast

Ferment at 65F for 2 weeks, then transfer to secondary fermenter for 3 weeks. Prime with:
1 cup pale DME

Bottle and age for 3 weeks.

I got a lot of complements from people who usually drink domestic light lagers, and my friend said that it was the best beer that I have made thus far.

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