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zarathustra19 04-29-2012 04:25 PM

State of the Union Blueberry Wheat
5.04 lb Light Dry Extract (8.0 SRM)
2.80 lb Wheat Dry Extract (8.0 SRM)
1.32 oz Goldings, East Kent [5.00%] (60 min) 16.8 IBU
0.70 lb Blueberries (Boil 0.0 min)
4.20 lb Blueberries (Primary 7.0 days)
4.20 lb Blueberries (Secondary 7.0 days)
1 Pkgs American Wheat Ale (Wyeast Labs #1010)

Add .7lb blueberries at flameout, cool wort and rack to fermenter on top of 4.2lb blueberries. Rack to secondary after a week on top of an additional 4.2lb of blueberries.

Notes: Did not take into account how much liquid would be absorbed by frozen blueberries. This resulted in the top of the fermenter blowing off, not from gas, but from expanding fruit (my fermenter at the time was a converted 5 gallon pickle bucket and the problem has been solved with a 7 gallon fermenter).

I took a twelve pack of this beer to a family reunion on July 4, 2011 and it was gone within an hour. Planning on making more in a few weeks.


Edit: I'm also thinking of adding some specialty grains for body. Maybe 1/2lb of carapils steeped before the boil. Any suggestions would help!

KCBigDog 05-04-2012 08:42 PM

Looks interesting. My wife loves blueberry wheat beer. I would definetely go for some specialty grains.

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