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Golddiggie 08-09-2011 11:52 PM

Wee Honey
10# Pale Malt, Maris Otter
1# Honey Malt
0.5# British Crystal Malt I (45L)
0.5# British Crystal Malt II (65L)
0.25# British Dark Crystal Malt II (120L)
21.125g Target Hops (10.50% AA) 60 min
17g Fuggles Hops (4.00% AA) 20 min
1.50oz Medium toast Hungarian oak cubes

Mash at 152-154F for 90 minutes
Sparge to obtain pre-boil volume needed for your system.

Make a starter, depending on age of your yeast, and your hardware for this one.

Once fermentation is complete, allow to rest in primary until at least 5 weeks old. Taste hydrometer sample and add oak cubes when ready. I simply boiled some water, placed the cubes into a [sanitized] glass jar, and covered with the boiling hot water. Allow cubes to cool (covered) to room temp and then pitch entire jar contents into batch. IF you wish, rack to an aging vessel, or leave in primary. Your choice there.

Age on oak cubes for 3-4 weeks, depending on amount and your taste. Sample starting at week two (or just go the full month there).

Tasting notes from someone I know that tried a bottle recently...
"A creamy full-bodied Ale, providing some nutty tones with a pleasant silky texture left on the pallet. An aroma that reminds me of cookies, and a taste that is meant to be enjoyed with a fine tar-tar." :rockin:

This one IS on my 'rebrew' list. I only have a few bottles left of it. I carbonated mine to ~2.3 CO2 volumes. I wouldn't go any higher than that. I'll probably go a little lower next time. Also, great with Dememera sugar for the priming solution.

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