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jeff62217 11-24-2013 12:52 AM

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I brewed this back in October, my first partial grain batch. Kind of screwed up the sparging part as I didn't have an appropriate colander and was unprepared to say the least. Ended up with 4.5 gallons and 1.094 OG.. so I didn't miss that bad, just a little short on volume. Fermented in primary for 2.5 weeks and secondary for another week. Bottled 2.75 gallons and kegged 1.75 when it was down to 1.020.

My LHBS didn't have golden naked oats, so I subbed some british crystal 50-60, about half pound in its place.

This was my first higher gravity beer also, used wy 1335 with a starter. It's clean, malty, sweet, ever so lightly boozy, and smooth. Very impressed with this one and plan to do it again, only all grain this time. Might try another sub for the golden naked oats and another yeast as well.

Edit after 3+ weeks from bottling none of my bottled beers have carbonation. Not sure if it's because of putting the beer into secondary or not.There's an ever so slight hiss when the cap is popped, but beer's completely flat. I used coopers carb drops, one per 12oz bottle, 2 for a 22. Since then I've discovered a priming sugar calculator.

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