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tbeard 03-30-2010 09:02 PM

Brutal Winter Ale
10lb 2-row (rahr)
1lb caramel 40L (briess)
1lb Biscuit Malt (Castle)
1 oz cascade pellets flavor
1 oz cascade pellets aroma
1 oz Mt hood Pellets bittering

Protein rest 133F 30 min
157F for 50 min
159F 30 min
167F 30 min
Sparge 4 gallons 170F

60 min w/ Mt Hood
15 min w/ cascade
flameout w/ cascade

At tertiery fermentation added one Super Papaya enzyme plus tablet, this contains some awesome enzymes, papain, amylase, proteases, lipases and cellulases. Fermentation really took off again after enzyme addition.

Kegged on top of 2 oz of Mt Hood leaf hops after 50 days fermentation total

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