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fredthecat 04-15-2010 04:41 AM

Quebecois Style Belgian Ale
Well... here's my first recipe I'm confident enought o post! I waited to see if it was any good after some flawed ones in the past and this is very exciting.. it is!

It ended up tasting alot like unibroue's don de dieu unintentionally, to be honest I'm not sure why it has ended up with such a sweet taste, but it works out and really does taste like don de dieu in many ways, i can definitely feel the wheat in it. but here it is

5kg (11lb) pilsner malt
0.5lb home-toasted flaked oats (quaker oats for about 15 minutes at 300)
0.5lb flaked wheat
4oz 135L crystal (my LHBS says its the same as special b, which they dont have)
1lb homemade candy sugar (around 2 srm)

mashed 15 litres of water at ~154 for 65 mins

sparged with 13 litres of water at ~165

Total Mash Volume Gal: 7.5

efficiency about 67% (my equipment is fairly primitive, but it worked out)

75 minute boil time
2oz styrian goldings at 60 min
0.5oz saaz at 15 min
0.5oz saaz at 5 min
1 tsp freshly crushed coriander at 5 min
1lb candi sugar at 5 min

rehydrated safbrew t-58 yeast in water as recommended on package

carbonated for about 2.9 volumes of co2

ended up attenuating more than i thought, down to 1.010 for about 7.2 ABV

i hope you try it, or at least use this recipe as a base for your own! its pretty cheap to make and tastes very interesting

Zoltanar 11-18-2010 05:01 PM

Hi Fred.
I will surely try this one as I love UniBroue's beer, and I am from Quebec too!
I did not start yet with AG, but I was looking for a beer in these notes. I actually looked for a belgian Tripel like la Chouffe, but UniBroue is also in my prefered beers.
It might take a couple months before I jump into the AG, but for sure I will try this one!
Thanks for sharing.

Zoltanar 11-22-2010 01:18 AM

I started looking seriously into your receipe.
Unfortunately, since I am just a newbie, and some of the therms are still somewhat vague, I would like to ask your help on translating this into something I can understand. If by any chance you speak French, it would ease things for me :)
I am looking at the price list from Moût International on the 40, in Montréal.
The price list is in French, and I would like to make sure I get the right things.
For the Pislner Malt, they have some from Gambrinus - that one was obvious.
For the roasted flaked oats, no problems either.
The flaked wheat, I found "Flocons de blé" from "Malterie OiO - Canada". Would that sound as the right thing?
For the 4oz of 135L (or Special B), I found something labeled "Crystal Spec.135/170" from "Malterie Hugh Bairds - UK". Would that be the right thing?
For the yeast, they only sell one type of dry yeast called Cooper's. The other yeasts they have are all liquid, but no brand or anything on the price list that I could relate to some specific brand. They have all kind of styles. Since it is a belgian beer, I would presume it to be a belgian yeast, but of which types? The have these: Belgian Wit Ale, Belgian Wit II, Bastone Belgian Ale, Belgian Strong Ale, Belgian Ale, Belgian Golden Ale, Belgian Ale Blend, Belgian Sour Mix. Would you happen to know which would be the "closest" match?

Sorry again, but I am starting and am a bit lost. I would realy appreciate your help.

fredthecat 12-05-2010 12:23 AM

salut zoltanar! sorry, i didn't login to this site in a long time. your english is good, sorry my french is not the best but ill try to help you out.

Cette recipe est ton premiere biere? Il sont bon, c'est facile.

oui, tout pilsner malt correct, gambrinus sont bon

oui, flocons d'avoine et de ble comme quaker oats/cereal pour dejeuner

4oz 135L crystal a hugh bairds ou special B c'est correct. utilise special B je pense :)

ne utilise pas levure coopers, c'est un probleme

demandez SAFALE t-58, ils l'ont - SAFALE T-58 c'est belgian, plus facile a levure liquide

cette recipe sont facile! bonne chance

Zoltanar 02-23-2012 09:47 PM

Hi there.
Sorry I never replied - I wasn't beeing notified of new messages...
I never thanked you about your help, so consider it done!
I found out in the end that Moût International carries WhiteLabs yeast. I tried it a couple times, and it is a great type of yeast. If you have a chance to try it, go for it. It is a bit more expensive, but I really liked it.
I never had a chance to try your recipe, but it will happen shortly you can be sure.
For now, I should be doing a Blanche De Chambly soon from Unibroue, using cultured yeast from the original beer. Some people reported it works great :)
I'll let you know how it went if you are interested.

Thanks again for the help - I now understand a lot better what I read ;)

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