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CSI 04-12-2011 01:01 AM

Candi Syrup, Inc. launching in June 2011
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Originally Posted by saq View Post
Sounds great, I'm about to brew a new batch, when can I get 3lbs of D180 for my quad
In response to requests we've worked to move our release date to June this year, (rather than October). We will not be at full volume capacity in June but we will be able to provide home brewers D-90 and D-180. For those micro-breweries who have made requests, October will still be our target date for volume Belgian style syrups.

Anyone can go out to our new corporate info site, (which will also be a direct order site in June), to register for a free 1lb sample. (saq, we can get you what you need for a full batch of Westy 12. Make sure and note your homebrewtalk id name "saq" on the online form so we'll know).

Go to www.candisyrup.com, select the menu Contact->Request a Sample and register. Once you register you're guaranteed for the sample of D-180. A shipping payment request will be sent over email before we send the sample out in June. The shipping cost will be nominal.

Below is a snapshot of our promotional containers of D-180.

Candi Syrup, Inc.

bhaff 03-23-2012 11:46 PM

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I now have 1500 ml and a fresh smack pack. I do understand under pitching to encourage esters but at what point will it stress my yeast to the point of hot alcohol?

CSI 11-14-2012 11:04 PM

OT Diversion
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One of our newest recipes that we just sampled today (cellared 4 months). This is a Belgian Pale that we're trialing with D-45. We're trying to reduce the pillowly/lacey Belgian head but nothing seems to be working

CSI 11-24-2012 12:41 PM

Westy 8
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At 12 months we had a lot of vanilla and raisin development in the nose and palate of this Westy 8...not at all so at 6 months. Also have a great lacey tan head that retains through most of this existential experience. At 8.5% ABV there is almost no alcohol detected...until it's too late . 12 months conditioning seems about right for the Westy 8. Westy 12 could probably develop for 18 months (or more). If we didn't have too many trial cases already we would probably trial larger volumes.



CSI 12-01-2012 12:25 AM

Westy 12 from 6/11/2011
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We're back around to sampling reserve stock. This Westy 12 pic is a pre-decoction era brew we did 17 months ago. It's a Traditional with just Pils/Pale.

Words just don't do justice to this ale. The nose is an in-your-face plummy brown sugar with a hint of yeast. Since the FG was on the nose (1.012) and the mouth-feel was medium-heavy it has only a faint sweetness and coats your mouth with the same flavors as the aroma. I don't get malt until the end when the plum lingers off and the spice from Brewers gold barely makes it through and finishes with a pale malt bread-like sweetness. No Belgian funk, (unfortunately), just a subtle yeast. No alcohol at all....none. In fact it was 10 minutes after I shared this with one of the partners that I could even sense any warming at all. This ale at this age is just amazing. The head is a high pillowy medium brown with lots of retention and lace to the end when it becomes a smooth coffee brown cream on finish.

Brewing this ale is well worth it (every time).


ultravista 12-01-2012 11:06 PM

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Heres the 006 version of CSI's Westy 12. This recipe however does call for decoction.

CSI - are you sure it was 006?

Mash Temp Duration
Pre-mash rest 132F 20 minutes
Step Decoction 1 152F 30 minutes
Step Decoction 2 158F 30 minutes

Gothic_Horror 12-12-2012 06:49 PM

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Picked up a Westy Brick in Chicago today!

Satisfaction 12-27-2012 05:19 AM

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After going in for a brick of Westy 12 with my good buddy it was just fitting to brew this alongside to test the recipe here. This lead me to a couple new experiences and I am glad for the journey.

First time using the Candi Syrup, I have always made my own and said to hell with the commercial offerings. Since this batch needed to be perfect I purchased D-180 and D-90. The D-90 was remarkably close in flavor to my homemade stuff, very similar aroma and flavor components.. however the D-180 was insanely different! Mine was slightly acidic, bitter(maybe too much heat) and flat lacking the delicate flavors that was in the D-180. This being a major component, the benefits should be easily realized.

One thing that I am torn on is the fermentation temperature.. Right now it is warming up from 65 to 70 after pitching. Having this yeast run full bore at 80+ degrees worries me as I would expect fusel's to be produced. None of my 40ish batches of beers fermented this warm. After seeing this yeast krausen on my stir plate, I can draw inferences on how it will react at 83F.

If the OP is still reading this thread I would be interested in finding out how the temperatures were measured.. 83F does not always mean the internal temperatures in the fermentation vessel was 83F.

Satisfaction 12-27-2012 06:27 AM

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Originally Posted by bottlebomber View Post
It's been discussed at length, and we can rest assured that the good fellow knows the difference between ambient and fermenting temps. Just take the leap of faith. Today I bottled a Saison that was fermented at 100 degrees Fahrenheit and there is no hint of alcohol at all despite being almost 9%. Belgian and French stains can behave very differently than English based strains. If it's any consolation I literally just brewed this today and am also letting it go. Just leave plenty of room for blowoff. I put a little under six gallons in a 8 gallon carboy.

Well, good timing on the brew day.. hopefully it was flawless besides being longer than normal with the mash and boil times.

So I suppose I should take the leap of faith..

bottlebomber 12-28-2012 02:18 AM

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Here's mine. I pitched yeast from a very active 3000ml starter and fermentation began within a couple hours. It was just kind of poking along doing its fermenting thing until day two when it took off, went from 68 to 75 degrees in about 5 hours, filled the headspace on this 8 gallon carboy, and the blowoff vessel is making more noise than the fish tank. What a fun beer

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