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BrewDoc22 06-09-2012 03:27 PM

Sweet Nectar Saison
NOTE: My efficiency was terrible for some reason on this beer (50%), so I ended up adding 1/2 lb. more honey. I suggest accounting for this using your own efficiency standard.

Grain Bill:
6 lb. 2-row
3.5 lb. Belgian carapils
1.5 lb. Local honey
0.5 lb. Light munich

1 oz. Sterling (7% AA) @ 60 min.
1 oz. Sterling @ 5 min.

2.5 gal. of 138˚F water to settle at 130˚F for 30 min.
1.25 gal. of 207˚F water to settle at 152˚F for 30-40 min.

60 min with hop additions @ 60 and 5 min.
Irish Moss @ 15 min.
Turn off heat with 15 min. to go and completely stir in the honey.
Turn heat back on and continue boiling.

This yeast works fast! I was apprehensive about bottling so soon, but the gravity had held steady for 3 days and the beer was clear.

philrose 06-09-2012 05:35 PM

3711 is an outstanding strain. tasty and quick!

Why so much carapils?

BrewDoc22 06-13-2012 02:58 PM

Haha, good question. This began as sort of a "table scraps" beer using some extra ingredients I had lying around (and some local farmer's market honey which was my original inspiration for this saison). I bought a 5-lb bag of carapils a few months ago and wanted to use up what I had.

Side note: the head on this beer is killer!

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