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Jakemo 07-29-2011 03:50 PM

Jakemo's Saazy Saison
4# Pilsen DME
3# Vienna
8oz White Wheat Malt
2oz Belgian CaraMunich

FWH 1oz Czech Saaz, pellet, 3.2%AA
30min 1oz East Kent Goldings, pellet, 4.5%AA
10min 1oz Fuggle, pellet, 3.6%AA

Mash Schedule
Mash Equipment: 5 gal ceramic stoneware pot, 5gal paint strainer bag :)
Mash thickness: 1.5 q/lb
30min @ 133-140 (ish... tough to do in an oven)
60min @ 150-151 (crept up to 158 by the end of mash)

Yeast nutrient, irish moss (if you really want)

All in primary. To raise temp, slapped a heating pad on it and wrapped it in two blankets.

.75 cup Dextrose; bottled 4.56gal total

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