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RudeLead 05-26-2009 02:31 PM

Classic Saison
Grains & Fermentables:
% Kg ppg L

32% 1.200 British Pale 37 2
27% 1.000 Light Dry Malt Extract 45 8
14% 0.500 Belgian Candy Sugar Amber 36 75
14% 0.500 Wheat Dry Extract 44 8
14% 0.500 Light/Pale Malt Extract Syrup 36 5

Partial mash 60 mins @ 66'C Used pretty hard water.


30g/1oz Perle @ 60 mins
30g/1oz East Kent Goldings @ 15 mins
15g/.5oz East Kent Goldings @ flame out
15g/.5oz Hallertau Mittelfruh @ flame out

Primed with beet sugar and bottle conditioned for 2 weeks.

The sugar added was mostly to be sure to hit my FG and it was spot on at 1.012, though it gave the beer a bit of a triple character. Tastes almost like a mix of S.Dupont and Delirium Tremens... Beer turned out really great though, waaay beyond my expectations! :D

Just had to add this as I feel that most of the Saison recipes here are more experimental ones or American interpretations of the style. If I did this one all grain, I would cut back on or completely remove the sugar (maybe lower the OG a bit as well) and do a long mash at low temps to make it dry out. And the key to getting a beer right with this yeast is patience, patience, high temps and more patience! Also, a little rousing may be nice every once in a while. And don't skip the starter!!!

flyangler18 05-26-2009 02:33 PM

Why British pale and not Pilsner?

RudeLead 05-26-2009 05:16 PM


Originally Posted by flyangler18 (Post 1345164)
Why British pale and not Pilsner?

Oh, forgot... The brewer from Dupont says, in an interview by Michael Jackson, that he uses only pale malt and I only had British pale at hand. Belgian pale would be more true to the style, though. Didn't notice much difference as I did a partial mash, but this beer is all about the yeast anyway...

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