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Edcculus 10-11-2009 03:07 PM

BM's Your-Wit-Ness Belgain Wit - HBT Comp 2nd place category 16A winner - 2009
I entered this beer in the 2009 HBT competition. It tied for second in category 16 with 40 points.

This recipe is based off of Biermuncher's Your Wit-Ness Belgian Wit, or as it might be better known, the "Just another brew day" wit

5.5 gallon
75% efficiency
60 min boil

Grain bill
4.5 lb flaked wheat (Briess)
4 lb pale 2 row (Briess)
1 lb wheat malt (Briess white wheat)

Single infusion mash at 152 for 60 min. Double batch sparge, no mashout.

1 oz Saaz 3.5%AA - 60 min

2 chamomile tea bags (I used Celestial Seasonings)
.75 oz black pepper
1 oz coriander
3.5 oz fresh orange zest - I used Valencia oranges

Add all spices to boil at 10 min before flameout in a hop sack. Leave spice sack in wort while chilling for extra flavor. I added a step by squeezing the juice from half an orange into the wort 1 min before flameout.

To keep this beer cloudy, make a slurry out of 1 tablespoon of flour and water. Add this to the boil with the spice additions. The extra starch from the flour will give you a permanent starch haze so it will not clear up after a few weeks in a keg.

This beer works well with a large variety of yeast, as you can see from the thread. I think Wit yeast would have given this beer an edge for 1st. I took half of my keg of this beer to a work cookout. It was gone within an hour. It goes over well with people who love beer, and BMC drinkers.

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