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MrOrange 07-08-2012 05:11 PM

Basic Saison
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Grain Bill:

- 7lbs Belgian Pilsner
- 2lbs White Wheat
- 1.25lbs Vienna
- 5oz Turbinado Sugar


- 1oz East Kent Goldings - 5.8%AA @ 60mins
- 1oz Styrian Goldings - 3.4%AA @ 15mins
- .25oz Saaz - 3.0%AA @ 15mins
- .75oz Saaz - 3.0%AA @ 2mins


Wyeast 3711

Mash Schedule:

Single Infusion, Light Body
Mash in w/ 16.00qts water @ 149*F for 80 mins
Mash out w/ 8.2qts water @ 170*F for 10 mins
Fly Sparge w/ 3.9gals @ 170*F


Brew day went normal. Mash in at 149*F and let that sit for around 80 mins. Then I added 8.2 gallons of water at 209*F to bring up to mash out temps. I fly sparged for around 40 mins with 3.9 gallons of 170*F water. Boil lasted 90 mins then was chilled with IC and aerated.

Pitched the yeast starter and left at ambient room temperature, which in my house was around 72*F at the time. I pretty much just let the fermentation do what it wanted and let the temp rise to around 80*F over the next week.

Bottled to about 2.7 Vols of Co2 and let them condition for about three weeks at 70*F. This is one of my favorite beers that I have made so far and I am extremely happy with how it turned out. It has been entered into the state fair and I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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