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smashed4 04-16-2009 06:16 AM

Unreinheitsgebot: Spiced buckwheat Weizen
If you are looking for a twist on the Weizen style, look no further. The citrus from the orange and coriander goes very well with the clove/banana/vanilla of the weizen yeast and develops a complex aroma.

The taste is just as good, but the biscuity from the carawheat gives it a mellow taste, and the buckwheat adds complexity.. Although I am not exactly sure what the buckwheat contributes to this beer, I added it as an experiment and I think the other flavors overpowers it.

Batch size: 24.25L, Efficiency 80%

3kg Pale Ale malt (Frontenac)
1kg Wheat Malt (Gambrinus)
0.5kg CaraWheat (Weyerman)
0.5kg Unmalted Buckwheat

3/4 oz Cascade 6% @ 60 min
1/2 oz Crystal 4.1% @ 15 min
1/2 oz Crushed indian coriander seeds @ 10 min
Zest from 2 sevilla (bitter) oranges @ 5 min
1/2 oz Crystal 4.1% @ 0 min

Starter of WLP-380 (HefeWeizen IV)

Single decoction mash procedure: While 60% of the mash rests at 122F, take 40% and bring to 150F for 30 minutes, then to 160F for 20 minutes and the to a boil for 20 minutes. Slowly put back into the main mash over the course of 10 minutes, which should bring everything to 150F. Let rest until iodine test is negative, then take to 160F for 20 minutes and then to mash out temp. Lauter, sparge, boil, chill, rack, keg/bottle, enjoy.


GunnerMan 04-18-2009 01:22 AM

Beautiful beer, def got get this one on the list.

TomStew 05-12-2011 05:38 PM

That looks good! What gives that red color?

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