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surferdrew 03-14-2011 06:44 PM

Rye Barleywine

Rye Barleywine
Swiss Navy Brewing

With my system: (pre-boil volume=7.5 gallons & post-boil volume=6 gallons)

Grain Bill
9# 2-Row
6# German Munich
3# UK Rye
1# Caramel 60L
4oz Caramel 120L

2.5oz Chinook (First Wort Hopped)
1.75oz Northern Brewer (20 min)
1.30oz Northern Brewer (Flameout)
1.30oz Northern Brewer (Dry Hop)

Other Fermentables
1.5# Brown Sugar (10 min)

Other Ingredients
1/2 Whirfloc Tablet (15 min)
1 tsp Gypsum (15 min)

Mash Notes

151F for 60min

Primary Fermentation with Krausen

keesimps 10-24-2011 09:24 PM

I know this is an older post, but am thinking about brewing a rye barleywine and saw this... The color on that is amazing! Can you provide any tasting notes and your thoughts on the beer. Also, did the rye require a little more time for the flavors to round out? Thanks.

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