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Justillinround 12-31-2011 02:05 AM

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Nice beer. I put 12g of Galaxy instead of Magnum...

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Brando_i 04-11-2012 03:51 AM

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In the fridge, set to 40 for the next 24 hrs. Bottling tomorrow. Suggestions on how much priming (corn) sugar. I have a little over 6 gallons in the carboy.

Brando_i 04-25-2012 01:53 AM

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Just cracked my first bottle last night after about 10 days of conditioning and another few in the fridge.

A definite keeper, light tasting with citrusy flavors. I used the kolsh yeast and there is definitely no yeast taste. I will see how it tastes after another week of conditioning though. I didn't have the hops the recipe called for so I substituted 2 ounces of centennial for aroma. It does have a bit of a strong hoppy taste which isn't bad at all. I may scale back to one ounce on my next batch of this beer (this weekend). Overall I'm very pleased and I will be sure to always have lots on hand!!!

LoloMT7 11-01-2012 04:32 PM

Great & fast recipe
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Originally Posted by thunderworm View Post
Here's the recipe for my American wheat beer that won 2nd place BOS and 1st place Hybrids (Category 6-7) in the HBT BJCP 2011 contest. I brewed this on March 6th, so it was about 3 weeks old for the first round judging. I was surprised that it was actually very drinkable only 11 days after brewday (but still extremely turbid). As the Kölsch yeast continued to settle out in the keg, the more subtle fruity fermentation characteristics began to come out a little more.

5.5 lb 2-row malt (52%)
4.5 lb Wheat malt (43%)
0.5 lb Munich malt (5%)
0.5 lb rice hulls

9 g Yakima Magnum (14.0% AA); first wort hops
8 g Centennial (8.8% AA); 10 min.
21 g Centennial (8.8% AA); 0 min.

Single infusion mash at 152 °F, 60 min. Mash out at 165 °F, 10 min. Batch sparged.

Fermented 9 days at 62 °F. Cold crashed for 1 day, then kegged and force carbed.

I brewed this on October 14th with my brewing buddy and we ended up sparging too much and were a bit low on the pre-boil OG (but now we will have more beer right :-) so we decided to add 1 1/2 cups of corn sugar to the boil. Our post-boil OG was really close @ 1.048. I racked to keg and force carbonated it 10 days later. Last night was the one week mark in Keg on the gas @ about 12 psi. I thought I had better have a glass and make sure it wasn't poisonous It was truely Awesomeness in a glass I can't believe this "green or young" of a beer is soo good. I used all of my home grown hops from this year in the brew as it fit the schedule almost perfectly... I had only a touch of magnum and about an ounce of home grown Centennial. So even though i didn't know the AA amounts etc it really turned out Amazing. I can see how you won a contest. Thank you for a recipe that I will most certainly be brewing again and again. The Kolsch yeast is one of my favorite strains hands down (I used Wyeast 2565). Thanks for sharing this Recipe!

randmc 02-25-2013 01:47 PM

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First all grain recipe under my belt, thanks for the recipe I hope it turns out well. I made this a 10gal batch and had a few minor issues. My OG was 1.040, I think k that was a combination of a low sparge temp and the fact that my burner is undersized for a big batch in the middle of February. I checked the first runnings with iodine and it stayed brown, so I guess the mash did it's job. I pitched into two different car boys, one with a Munich wheat yeast, and one with a saison yeast I washed from my last batch. I'll let you know how they turn out.

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The Munich took off a lot faster, but both were going gang busters within 24 hours.

THEUKRAINIAN 09-29-2013 09:44 PM

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After 6 months of sitting in bottles. Tastes just like lemons.

dickyB 11-05-2013 02:25 AM

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Made this a few weeks ago and I'm very happy with the results. I had a bad mash and had to add 3lbs of extra light dme. Can't wait to give it a try again. I split the batch after primary and kept 1 gallon as is and put 4 gallons over 3lbs of raspberry puree. Both are delicious, thanks for the recipe!

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DeMerchant 06-23-2014 01:25 PM

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Originally Posted by DeMerchant View Post
I bottled this Sunday and it smells great. I lost more water during the bail than I expected, so my abv turned out a little higher than I had planed. For some reason the strawberry (I racked ~3gal onto 4lbs of frozen strawberries) turned out a lot lighter in colour and you can see a pinkish tinge already. I'll post a side by side once I crack some bottles in a few weeks.
Popped "a few" bottles of this over the weekend it is very drinkable and a great summer beer. 4lbs of strawberries in 3gal was probably a little much and I'd cut back to 3lbs if I made it again. The strawberry is also a little tart, but I'm guessing that will mellow out a bit over time - if any of the batch makes it that long. The strawberry also didn't impart as much of a pink colour as I would have liked, I might consider cheating in the future.

Jupapabear 08-31-2014 01:44 AM

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Brewing this tonight.

Jupapabear 10-30-2014 04:00 AM

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This beer is pretty good, clears well naturally with a little extra time in the bucket. I enjoy it, and would recommend it. Thanks for sharing op. I followed the recipe from the first post incase there were any alterations.

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