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cell 10-18-2009 06:47 PM

Victory and Chaos IPA - Rev. 1
This recipe was originally taken from John Palmer's book "How To Brew", but I made some minor changes (or accidently made some..hehe.. hence;Rev.1). It has some mild sweetness coming from the crystal malt and a nice hoppy flavour. It's hard to describe in words.. Basically, I prefer this beer just lightly carbonated and served not too cold (~8C).

I also accidently forgot to take hydrometer reading throughout the brewing process, however Beertools gave me an approximation of 7% alcohol.

Here's the recipe:
(Note: All units are in Metric system)

Yield: 8 liters (2 US gallon)
Full Boil: 13 liters of water

60g Crystal malt 120L steeped in hot water.
2.2kg Liquid light malt extract
15g Galena, full leaves, 10%AA, 60min
8g East kent goldings, leaves, 5%, 15min
8g East Kent Goldings, leaves, 5%, 1min
Yeast : Dry yeast, Safale S-04, one whole pack.
Accessories: 4x mesh bags, 1x large funnel

Primary fermentation: 2 weeks at 18-21C
Secondary fermentation: 2 weeks at 18-21C

Bottling: Corn sugar (dextose) for priming and wait 2 weeks before drinking.

Recommend: Yes!
Will brew some more: Yes!

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