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Saccharomyces 09-15-2009 03:17 AM

Roja IPA
Roja IPA

This is my new house IPA recipe. It has received rave reviews from everyone who has tried it :drunk: so I'm posting it so you can PROST it.

Grain Bill (80% efficiency):

10.5# 2-row
14oz Toasted Maris Otter malt (toast on baking sheet for 20 minutes at 350*F)
8oz Flaked Wheat
4oz Crystal 40L
4oz Crystal 120L

Mash 149*F for 75 minutes at 1.5 qt/lb.

Hop Schedule:

1oz Centennial 90
.5oz Simcoe 30
1oz Simcoe 15
1oz Simcoe 2
1oz Amarillo 2
1oz Amarillo Leaf, Dry Hop 14 days
1oz Simcoe Leaf, Dry Hop 14 days


Soft water high in sulfates is key for this style. I blend my water 2:1 with RO water and add 2 tsp of gypsum to the mash. Sparge water is treated with phosphoric acid. The spreadsheet from HowToBrew.com is helpful, dilute to get your alkalinity below 80, and then do all the RA adjustment with gypsum and you will have it.

I racked to a secondary and added the dry hops after two weeks. This yeast floccs well so you could dry hop in the primary after 14 days if you wanted to.

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