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HOPCousin 10-14-2011 03:24 AM

Roasted Rye PA
% LB OZ Malt or Fermentable

67% 6 12 American Two-row Pale
15% 1 8 Rye Malt
6% 0 9 Munich Malt - 10L
5% 0 8 Carared
4% 0 6 White Wheat Malt
2% 0 4 Rice Hulls
1% 0 2 Roasted Barley

boil 60 mins 0.3 Chinook pellet 11.8
boil 50 mins 0.3 Simcoe pellet 11.3
boil 40 mins 0.3 Chinook pellet 11.8
boil 30 mins 0.3 Simcoe pellet 11.3
boil 20 mins 0.3 Chinook pellet 11.8
boil 10 mins 0.3 Simcoe pellet 11.3
post-boil 1 min 0.75 Chinook pellet 13.0
dry hop 7 days 1.0 Simcoe pellet 13.0

Mashed at 155 degrees. Thought this one was worth sharing. This was a collaboration with my friend Trevor and we were both really happy with how it came out. It needs to bottle condition for at least 6 weeks before the malt begins to balance out with the hops. It is really peek right now at around 2 months in the bottle. Simcoe fuitiness complements the berry flavor the rye quite well. This is followed by a nice bite from the Roasted Barley that carries the Rye bite a little further. Again, give it at least 6 weeks to come together and balance out the flavors.

lumpher 10-14-2011 03:30 AM

that looks really tasty, and with that complexity, i can see how it needs time to mix together

HOPCousin 10-14-2011 03:36 AM

It's interesting what two guys across the internet can come up with lol.. there isn't a lot in the way of caramel so the mash needs to be on the sweeter side as well as the time for bottle conditioning in order for it to balance out... but patience is rewarded. It also limits the window a bit with the hops. So far it hasn't suffered from what I've been tasting.

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