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rhamilton 03-21-2012 05:05 PM

Ranger IPA Mini-Mash
2#, 4 oz 2-Row
2# X-Pale Extract
2# Cane Sugar
2# Amber Extract
1# X-Light DME (I wanted to boost the alcohol a bit more without adding more cane sugar)
3oz Crystal 120L

boil 60 mins 0.75 Chinook pellet 13.0
boil 60 mins 0.75 Simcoe pellet 13.0
boil 30 mins 0.25 Chinook pellet 13.0
boil 30 mins 0.5 Simcoe pellet 13.0
boil 15 mins 0.25 Cascade pellet 5.5
boil 15 mins 0.25 Simcoe pellet 13.0
boil 1 min 0.25 Cascade pellet 5.5
dry hop 7 days 0.5 Cascade pellet 5.5
dry hop 7 days 0.5 Simcoe pellet 13.0

WLP051 California Ale V

Beer XML @ Hopville

Hopville Recipe

Just tapped the keg two days ago and I can say this is by best beer to-date. I haven't done a side-by-side test but I will tonight. Beautiful pine aroma with herbal/floral notes. It is a bit cloudy but that is OK.

rhamilton 05-15-2012 05:21 PM

Ranger IPA v1.1
Rebrewed this batch with 0.25 oz more Simcoe @ 15 minutes and took it to the Austin Zealots monthly tasting. Reception was overwhelmingly positive with multiple recipe requests. Tasters were very surprised to discover it was a partial-mash brew.

Updated recipe on hopville.

Definitely will brew again but I'm unsure if I'll modify it any further. I may experiment with different yeasts and different fermentation temperatures. A wonderfully solid American IPA without being a hop-bomb. Should please IPA-lovers and those who don't usually enjoy IPA's alike!

I may try converting the recipe to all-grain but like grandpa always says, "If it aint' broke, don't fix it!"

Wakadaka 06-11-2012 05:44 PM

i brewed something similar recently, except i did AG, used a bit less sugar, and FWH .75oz simcoe and put .25 at 15 min and just sprinkled a few willamette pellets in every once in a while.

its carbonating now, but it seemed to be pretty good, not too much like Ranger, but still good, and with a similar hop flavor

bobbrews 06-13-2012 05:34 PM

Your figures are too high for this beer.

Should be 1.058-1.060 OG / 1.008-1.009 FG with 70 IBUs--some of which are lent by the flameout addition.
Ferm temp. should also be in the mid 60s.

Check it out for a smaller batch:


Muntons XL DME is my go-to extract, but you could use a smaller amount of Briess if desired. Be careful though because the PPG/L ratings are different.

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