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tre9er 09-21-2012 04:22 PM

Nugget Empire
47.1% American 2-row 12lbs.
47.1% British Pale Ale 12lbs.
5.9% American Crystal 40 1.5lbs.

Mash at 153-154 (60m) to maintain some malt characteristics. I FWH and you can bitter with CTZ or anything you want, but I'd go for a low cohumulone hop since the IBU's are way up there.

Brewhouse efficiency: 71%

Hops------------Form--Bag?--Oz--Time--Percent a-Acid

Make a big enough starter per mrmalty.com or your own experience. I used chico (S05) repitch made into a starter per mrmalty. I don't like a big beer like this to dry out too far, so don't mash too low unless you're using a lower attenuating yeast. S04 or WLP002 would be fine as well. I've also used a Kolsch yeast on this (WLP029) and ferm'd in the low 60's with excellent results.

I primary just until it hits FG (stable) then rack to secondary at about room temp and dry-hop for 3+ days. I've also thrown an ounce into the keg in a hop bag at times to keep the aroma. It certainly doesn't hurt.

Cold crash it for 2+ days at about 38 if you can so it drops clear. Use finings if you want/care.

5.25G batch would look something like this:

47.2% American 2-row 7.5lbs.
47.2% British Pale Ale 7.5lbs.
5.7% American Crystal 40 0.9lbs.

Hops------------Form--Bag?--Oz--Time--Percent a-Acid

david_42 09-21-2012 05:09 PM

Reminds me of a Fresh Hop fest about five years ago. There was a delicious All-Nugget IPA on tap.

tre9er 09-21-2012 05:53 PM


Originally Posted by david_42 (Post 4433001)
Reminds me of a Fresh Hop fest about five years ago. There was a delicious All-Nugget IPA on tap.

It was my first big beer, based on Yooper's Stone Ruination clone but just using the hops I had on hand, plus I like Pale Ale malt. It turned out so good that even people who told me they "don't like IPA's" said, "but I like THIS!"

So I thought I'd share.

Could be done as ALMOST a SMaSH if you use just one base malt then a touch of crystal...so it's an easy beer to make.

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