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boydster 04-08-2014 07:57 PM

Bitchin' Dippah (DIPA)
This is a IIPA I made several times as an extract recipe. You're going to burn through a lot of hops really fast. And it will be worth it.


10 lbs Golden Light DME - 3 lbs added at beginning of boil, the rest at flameout
12 oz turbinado sugar - added at flameout
8 oz C40 - steeped @ 155 for 30 minutes

60-minute, 3-gallon boil.

1 oz CTZ @ 60
1 oz Cascade @ 25
1 oz Simcoe @ 20
1 oz Cascade @ 15
1 oz Simcoe @ 10
1 oz Cascade @ 5

After flameout, cool wort to 180, then whirlpool/steep 2oz CTZ, 1 oz Cascade, and 1 oz Simcoe for 30-45 minutes.

Top up to 5.5 gallons, cool to 62, pitch 2 packets rehydrated US-05. Ferment at 64-65 for the first few days until fermentation starts to slow down, then raise to 68 to finish.

As soon as fermentation is done, dry hop with 2 oz CTZ, 2 oz Cascade, and 1 oz Simcoe. Wait 3-5 days, then bottle or keg as you would any other beer. I usually aim for ~2.3 volumes of CO2 and that seems pretty nice with this beer.

The calculated IBUs are almost definitely not accurate since it's a partial boil, but I can say the bitterness is assertive. There's a nice malt backbone to hold it together, though, and the huge amount of late and dry hops make for a great bouquet when you stick your nose in the glass.

Happy brewing! :mug:

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