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EdWort 03-23-2008 03:39 PM

Bee Cave Brewery IPA

11# Pale
1# Munich
12 oz. Crystal 60L

Single Infusion for 90 minutes at 154 degrees.

1 oz. Warrior 60 minutes
1 oz. Centennial 15 minutes
1 oz. Centennial 5 minutes

Dry Yeast - Safale US-05

O.G. 1.065
F.G. 1.016

Dry Hop with 1 oz. Centennial.


hopsalot 03-23-2008 07:14 PM

hop change up
I was thinking of brewing his, but Austin home brew does not have centennial hops so I was thinking 2 oz cascade in the kettle and 1 0z willamette dry hop, will that be sufficient?

mrkristofo 03-23-2008 07:35 PM

I'd dry hop with Cascades over Wilamettes, personally. They'll keep the citruisy character that you're looking for more than the Wilamettes, which are a breed of Fuggle.

EdWort 03-24-2008 02:20 AM

Amarillo would be a good substitute, but watch your AA's.

hopsalot 03-24-2008 02:49 AM

can you dry hop with pellets or just leaf?

EdWort 03-24-2008 03:00 AM

I dry hop with pellets in a 3" stainless herb ball in the keg.

tgrier 03-24-2008 04:38 PM


Nice recipe. Simple and looks like it is going to taste great. An EdWort Classic in the making I am sure.

Q: Why 05 and not Notty? I know you are a big fan of the Notty.

Where are you getting Centennial? Did you have a stash of that too :)

Thanks Ed.

EdWort 03-24-2008 04:59 PM

Safale 05 is the Wyeast 1056 Chico strain. It makes a great IPA.

Yes, I have a stash of Centennial too. :D I picked up a pound of it a while back since this recipe uses 6 oz for a 10 gallon batch. I'll have to subtitute Amarillo when I run out.

tgrier 03-25-2008 03:13 PM


I think I am going to brew this for my next batch.
Northern Brewer has Centinnial for 6:75$ an oz.. wow! ..

I think I am going to go with Amirillo as you suggest.

I like how you approach recipes... simple, straight forward and with an eye on cost.

I will let you know.

TwoHeadsBrewing 05-20-2008 03:50 PM

Edwort, thanks for the recipe, looks tasty! Couple of questions for you:

I only have a 5 gallon MLT, and if I stick with a mash thickness of 1.25 qts/lb that means I'll have a total volume of 5.1g for the mash. Is this the mash thickness that you use, or would you go with a higher/lower thickness? Also, you mention that the safale 05 is the same strain as Wyeast 1056...anything wrong with just using the 1056? Thanks!

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