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EvilTOJ 07-09-2008 08:54 PM

Arrogant Bastard clone
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I found this recipe on the internet somewhere, and I've made it in the past. If it's not spot on to the original, then it's pretty frickin close. I use pacman yeast to ferment this, but any dry or neutral yeast will work fine.


15.00 lb Pale Malt (2 Row)
0.50 lb Aromatic Malt
0.50 lb Biscuit Malt
0.50 lb Caramunich Malt
0.50 lb Special B Malt

1.00 oz Chinook [13.00%] (60 min)
1.00 oz Chinook [13.00%] (45 min)
1.00 oz Chinook [13.00%] (2 min)

Mash in with 5.31 gallons of water to mash at 154º

Drain mash water
batch sparge once with 3 gallons of 180º water.
batch sparge again with 3 gallons of 180º water.

I am also including an xml sheet that can be imported into beersmith.

Aplikowski 06-04-2014 02:23 AM

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Well, just when I had mustered the conviction to use all special B! Thanks for the tip ultravista. I've downloaded the episode and will listen to it over the next couple days. Maybe I'll just pick up a couple pounds of both Special B and C150 so I can put off the decision for a few more days.

I hope I can find C150. I typically pick up my grains locally here at Northern Brewer. They don't have C150 on their website.

I've attached the file. Hope it helps. Let me know if you have any suggestions!

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