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akaryrye 09-19-2009 07:22 AM

Akaryrye's Belgian IPA
Brewed Aug 21, 2009

26lbs Am. Two row (93%)
.3lbs crystal 10 (1.1%)
.3lbs crystal 20 (1.1%)
.66lbs crystal 40 (2.4%)
.66lbs crystal 60 (2.4%)

3oz nugget 90min @ 14.5aa
1oz nugget 20min @ 14.5aa
1oz perle 20min @ 8aa
1oz amarillo 20min @ 9.5aa
1oz nugget 5min @ 14.5aa
1oz perle 5min @ 8aa
1oz amarillo 5min @ 9.5aa

Finally, each keg was dry hopped with 2oz of nugget and 2 oz of amarillo, so 8 oz total for the entire batch.

Mash schedule:
single infusion batch sparge
90 minutes at 150F, 76% eff.

Well, I would say this is my best beer to date. The flavor is fairly complex and it is amazing that they go together. The malt characteristic is there, but in the background thanks to the super high attenuation I got from the westmalle yeast. It is also very hoppy and borderline between IPA and IIPA with the alcohol content. This brew was an experiment and half the other half of the batch was brewed with wy1056 ... I like this one better. Next time I brew this, I might cut back on the malt slightly, probably cutting the 10 and 20 out completely. Bitterness is not a problem at all, even at 101 ibu, would not lower that at all.

Finally, my overall impression of the beer is that it is a typical IPA with a hint of belgian yeast characteristic thrown in, a subtle, yet noticable addition.

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