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LoneWolfPR 11-17-2012 04:22 PM

Oblivion: Russian Imperial Stout
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Grain Bill:
17 # Rahr 2 Row
3 # US Caramel 80
1 # US Chocolate
.5 # Roasted Barley
.5 # Black Malt

1.5 oz Chinook 13.5% AA 60 Min
.75 oz Columbus 13.9% AA 30 Min
.75 oz Columbus 13.9% AA 15 Min
.5 oz Chinook 13.5% AA 5 Min

Single Step Infusion at 154 F

Fly Sparge to 7.5 gallons.

Boil for 90 minutes down to 6 gallons. Expect to lost .5 gal to wort shrinkage

Cool to 68 degrees and pitch.

I currently have this bottle conditioning now. After sitting in primary for 3 weeks this beer tasted phenomenal! The late addition chinooks gave a bit of a resiny character that goes very well with the chocolate notes. My only reservation going in was that I was using a lot of different black malts. I was afraid it would make this taste ashy or burnt. It doesn't at all. This will definitely be held onto for a while. It's terrific now, but I can only imagine it will get better with age.

Note: The only difference to this vs what I actually made was I didn't pitch the US 05. We did this with a homebrew club at a local brewery. The brewers gave us all yeast right off their slurry. It was still chico though.

Here's a pic of a bottle:

pwkblue 11-17-2012 04:42 PM

nice label and wax

thd2146 11-17-2012 05:04 PM

I brewed this same recipe 27 days ago. It looks amazing, and my efficiency was around 70% which suprized me for such a big beer. My only concern was that I under pitched alot. I use aerated oxygen and yeast nutrient, but I only added one vial of WLP007. Totally stupid of me. I hope this doesn't add any diacytel flavors to the beer.

I'm hoping that i can get my FG to at least 1.026. What did ya'll end up with?

Nevermind. I just read the OP and answered my own question.

LoneWolfPR 11-18-2012 03:18 AM

pwkblue: Thanks. I never bottle. The only reason we did this was because we wanted to age this beer. I figured if I'm going to do it I'd do it right. That's a laser-printed polyester weather-proof label from onlinelabels.com

thd2146: That's a lot for 1 vial for sure. Hopefully just leaving it for a while will clean it up.

All I can say is this beer is going to be a standard winter brew. I may only do it once a year, but with a beer this big that should leave me with plenty of bottles to age.

LoneWolfPR 11-24-2012 02:01 AM

thd: how'd it turn out? have you tasted it yet?

LoneWolfPR 12-27-2012 04:09 AM

Opened the first bottle of it tonight. Spectacular! Malty, roasty, good chocolate presence and a a really nice hop bitterness to balance things out. This beer went over VERY well with a couple friends of mine.

griz419 03-13-2013 02:19 AM

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Thanks!! Tastes awesome. I subbed northern brewer 60 min and target 30 & 15 hops because my home brew store didn't have your hops. Blew the lid off even with a blow off tube. Here's what the bottom of the lid looked like. Swapped in airlock after 2 weeks. OG 1.088 and FG 1.020 with S-04 yeast.

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thd2146 03-16-2013 06:36 PM

Mine finished at 1.028. I let it sit on the yeast for a while to clean it up from the under pitching. Turned out to be an epic batch! Everyone fell in love with it. It had a thick dark head and the texture was just right.
I can't even think of a way to improve it at all. I think on the next batch ill just pitch the right amount with a big starter and work on the cold side. Like keeping the temp consistent.

Thanks for the great recipe!

mcdong 06-28-2013 05:27 PM

Did you use some priming sugar before bottling this?

This recipe sounds delicious! Sweet bottles BTW.

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