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foremoler 10-14-2011 03:46 AM

Imperial Stout
22 lbs pale 2-row
1 lb crystal 80L
.5 lb crystal 120L
1 lb chocolate malt
.5 roasted barley
.5 black patent 500L
.5 victory malt
.5 flaked wheat

2 oz Northern brewer @ 60 min boil
1 oz fuggles @ 30 min
1 oz willamette @ 15 min

1 cup american oak chips @ 2ndary

mash at 150 for 60+
I collected 7 gal and boiled down to 5.5.
primary for 2 weeks, 2ndary with Oak for 3 or 4, bottle for extended aging, however very good and well balanced within a week out of primary, unoaked!
1056 is awesome, I love it; I used a 1056 slurry from a previous beer and it was really near my FG within -4 days!

I have a converted cooler and just barely had room for my mash, I had to deal with a very stuck first runnings/sparge, this may account for a lower brewhouse efficiency.
I definitely recommend cutting down on 2-row if you have a higher brewhouse efficiency, adjuncts should be fine.

This is an excellent cold weather beer with a definitive stout character/warming alcohol feel, and yes very good young, and oh so good oaked and aged. I recommend!

yeoitsmatt 01-07-2012 09:20 PM

that looks great... my cousin wants me to make him a stout for his bday next december... i was thinking of adding chocolate to it??? thoughts?

foremoler 01-08-2012 11:53 PM

If you're looking for a strong one (think ~10%), you could add chocolate to this recipe, I'm supposing you mean cocoa powder or something like pure chocolate extract? (as this recipe already involves chocolate malt)
If you were to add chocolate to this I'd suggest scaling the recipe and adding in some lactose and a cup or so of cocoa to the boil.
You can also add a drop or two of pure chocolate extract to each at bottling to really make that chocolaty aroma pop.

If you're looking for a more mild beer and really want to focus on the chocolate, I'd recommend this recipe by Barleywater, I made some modifications and also added fresh picked blackberry as a blackberry chocolate stout, great recipe.
Let me know what you decide!

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