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mendnwngs 02-24-2011 03:29 PM

Black-out Stout
9.25 Lbs 2-row
2.25 Lbs Crystal 60
1.5 Lbs Wheat (malted)
1 Lb Chocolate malt
.5 Lb Roasted Barley
.5 Lb Black Patent

2 oz N. Brewer (Pellets) 60 minutes
1.5 Oz Cascade (Pellets) 0 min.

1L starter of Wyeast 1056

12 Oz double-strength brewed coffee @ flameout

Mill dark grains separately from light grains.
Mash all the light grains together @ 149F
add 1/2 of the dark grains at 15 minutes into the mash
add remainder of dark grains 10 minutes before end of mash.
Sparge @ 170

I also added 2 tsp of 5.2 buffer to the water

Try to keep primary fermentation between 66 and 72F, if possible.

After secondary, keg, chill, force carb and drink!

I like it a little more carbonated than most stouts regularly are.. I go for about 2.2 Volumes.

If bottling, put the bottles away in a closet, and dont even think about them for at least a month. Your patience will be greatly rewarded. This beer really sings after about 2 months in the bottle.

BrokenDog 02-25-2011 04:27 AM

Is this meant to be a clone of Great Lakes Blackout Stout or is the name just the same?

mendnwngs 03-11-2011 03:06 AM

Hmmm.. I've never heard of Great lakes blackout stout..

This is originally based off a clone of Red Hook double-black stout, but with some tweaks.

I've tweaked it even more now, but I promise, the recipe as listed above, its pretty slammin' in the bottle..

The butter-zone As I've found is the 1.5 to 3 month (in the bottle) mark. More time dries it up a bit too much for my tastes, and it tends to over-carb, even with minimal priming sugar..

If you try this one, I'd love to hear your feedback, good or bad!



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