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Bob 06-21-2008 03:47 PM

Black Dog Ale - American Stout

Briess LME (Gold) - USA - 4L - 1.035 - 6 lbs
Muntons 55L Crystal - UK - 55L - 1.034 - 0.75 lbs
Muntons Roasted Barley - UK - 575L - 1.029 - 1 lb

Hops Schedule:

Willamette - USA - 2 oz - FWH - Pellet - 4%AA


Late extract addition used. Grains steeped in bag at 2 gallons liquor at 150F for 45 mins, then bag removed. Grains 'sparged' with 1 gallon 175F liquor into brewpot. 2 lbs LME added to kettle, brought to boil. Boiled with full hops charge for 60 minutes. 4 lbs of LME added 5 minutes before end of boil. Chilled in ice-water bath to ~75F and whirlpooled. Bitter wort siphoned to plastic pail fermenter; siphon permitted to splash to aerate. Yeast pitched after recommended rehydration. Lag time less than 6 hours. Fermented at 65F (my stone cellar) for 21 days (fermentation was really over after four days, but I lacked free time to rack).


Keg-conditioned in Cornelius keg with 3.5 oz of Turbinado sugar at 65F (target: 2.2 volumes). Full condition reached after 7 days.

Tasting Notes:

Nicely bitter from roasted barley, with solid mouthfeel and crystal-malt sweetness. Pours with excellent, creamy small bubbles - it actually looks like Guinness poured from nitrogen! Head is compact, dense and brown, leaving pretty lacing to the bottom of the pint.

Took a keg of this to a party last night (20 September). Tapped at 5PM; had about a gallon left at 10PM. I'd call that a success. :D

Things To Tweak:

Next time, I'm gonna partial-mash this with a pound of 2-row, keep the roasted barley level as-is, cut the crystal to a half-pound, and add a half-pound of flaked something (barley? oats? wheat?). I'd like to increase the head retention, which though attractive remains somewhat lacking.

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