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permo 08-19-2010 06:18 PM

American Imperial Stout 100+ IBU
This beer really reminds me of a dark, roasty barley wine. Very floral, perfumy, alcohol backed aroma, sweet on the pallete initially, then roasty and bitter going down....very, very nice beer. I brewed this back in April and am just starting to enjoy it now. I have a feeling it is going to get better and better......pacman yeast brought his down to 1.016. I think the nice low final gravity, really differentiates this beer from some sweeter, thicker, almost syrup like examples I have tasted. THe key to that is the pacman yeast, nutrient and huge oxygen and pitch rates.

17 pounds two row
1# 4 oz roasted barley
1# special B
1# rolled oats (employ seperate cereal mash)
8 oz pale chocolate
6 oz C75
6 oz chocolate malt
6 oz C120
6 oz caramunich
1 oz summit at 60
1 oz chinook at 60
1 oz chinook at 20
1 oz chinook at 15
1 oz cascade at 10
1 oz cascade at 5
1 oz willamete at FO

irish moss at 10 minutes
yeast nutrient at 10 minutes
pacman yeast
extended secondary and bottle condition
Mash at 155
batch sparge to obtain preboil volume

if you brew this.....just go ahead and rig a blowoff :tank:

I am going to stash these away and enter them as contests come up, I think it will do quite well.

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