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wookmaster 12-28-2009 06:30 PM

Just a Bit Bitter Brown
Below is one of my first recipes, basically I wanted to try making an "American Brown", basically a brown ale with more hops according to my how to brew book. I now believe this doesn't have enough bitterness to qualify for that title.

Here are the ingredients

9.6 lbs Pale Malt 2-row
1.5 lbs Crystal 60L
.3 lbs Chocolate Malt

Pellet Hops
.75 OZ Brewers Gold (60 minutes) (8 %AA)
.25 Oz East Kent Goldings (60 minutes) (5 % AA)
.50 OZ Cascade (10 minutes) ( 5.5% AA)

I used American Ale Yeast, 1056 with a starter. We stored the yeast in vials so it may have been through one beer already.

For the mash, I did 90 mins at 154 F and then batch sparged twice with 170 F water.

Target Gravity was 1.055 and I think I was dead on with 68% efficiency. You should be aiming for around 30 IBU with this.

The color is a darker brown, almost a bit too dark it walks the line. The taste is just awesome though, I love it. You can taste hops but it is far from overpowering, seems just right to me but everyone has their preference :)

Carbonation - I let this carbonate with 21 PSI CO2 for a couple days as I was out of kegerator room.

Anyway enjoy if you decide to make it. If anyone wants pics before its gone let me know!

Also I added a bit of Gypsum to it

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