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NordeastBrewer77 01-31-2012 03:25 PM

Wandering Goth CDA v. 2
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This recipe is written for BIAB partial mash. for an extract version, simply replace the 2-row with extra light malt extract. i'll be posting a blog later today (or very soon) on this particular style of beer, i have some thoughts and ideas about this style and particular recipe. i feel that this is a very solid example of this style of beer, it's a regular in my house and i plan to start entering into any competition that accepts the style.

5.25 #'s American 2-row
.75 #'s Crystal 10L
.7 #'s Carafa II (special/dehusked/debittered)
.6 #'s Special Roast

mash in 2.3 gal of water at ~150 degrees for 60 minutes.
heat another 2.3 gal of sparge water to 192 for 'dunk' sparging at 169 degrees. dunk grain bag, gently stir and sit covered for ~10 mins. combine wort in brew kettle, add additional water to reach pre boil volume. add extract and bring to a boil.

3.5 #'s extra light DME (i prefer Munton's DME)

1 oz magnum pellets 13.1% AA @ 60 min (53 IBU) (horizon pellets will work great here, too)
.8 oz amarillo pellets 8.6 % AA @ 30 min (16 IBU)
.6 oz simcoe pellets 12.2% AA @ 10 min (6 IBU)
.8 oz amarillo pellets 8.6% AA @ 10 min (6 IBU)
.6 oz simcoe pellets 12.2% AA @ 0 min (5 IBU)
.8 oz amarillo pellets 8.6% AA @ 0 min (5 IBU)

dry hop:
1 oz amarillo whole hops for 7 days
.67 oz simcoe whole hops for 7 days

after the boil, allow the flameout addition to steep for ~10 minutes and then chill wort quickly to 62 degrees. aerate and pitch ~15 gms (1 and 1/2 packets) of rehydrated s-05.
ferment at ~62 degrees for two weeks or until FG is reached and stable. i prefer to then transfer to a secondary carboy for the dry hopping, but it can surely be done in primary. dry hop (preferably with whole hops) for 7 days. after dry hopping, package as desired and carbonate to 1.5-2 volumes of co2. this beer is best consumed soon after it conditions to preserve the hops aroma.

i've brewed this a few times in the last year and find it to be a very enjoyable beer. it's around 7% abv, so not the ideal 'session' brew, but definitely a very (deceptively) drinkable example of Cascadian Dark Ale. it's one of the more popular home-brews i make, and seldom lasts very long in my house. i hope anyone who brews this ale enjoys it as much as i do. any comments and questions are much appreciated, feel free to PM me with anything you have.


edit: i realized that simcoe and amarillo hops can be more difficult to get sometimes and at some places. i like freshops.com as an online source for hops.

here's the blog i wrote on the style. there's some good tips for putting together your own, amazing Cascadian Dark recipe. or you could just brew my recipe, i doubt you'll be let down.

happy brewing!

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diodeart 08-03-2013 01:28 AM

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Revive. I got so thirsty reading the recipe and blog that I had to post and refresh this thread. I'm going to brew this when my basement temp gets down to 62* or so. Yum.

nordeast did you happen to get a hold of this-


I could not believe how good this beer was. I'll be looking for it down the road. Can't rotate picture, so frustrated.

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