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daveyohill 01-24-2010 02:02 PM

"Trout Pee-Wicked Special Bitter"
9 lbs. of Pearl Thomas Fawcett Pale Malt (Mash)
.5 lbs. of Cara-Pils Dextrine (Mash)
.5 lbs. of British Crystal 50-60L (Mash)
.5 lbs. of Oats (Flaked) (Mash)
.25 lbs. of Biscuit (Dingemans) (Mash)

.75 oz. (21.3g) of Magnum (14%) boiled for 60 minutes.
.5 oz. (14.2g) of Cascade (6%) boiled for 15 minutes.
.5 oz. (14.2g) of Nugget (13.5%) boiled for 15 minutes.
1 oz. (14.2g) of Cascade (6%) boiled for 1 minutes.

Add 3.49 gallons of water at 169 F to raise mash to 152 F.
Sparge with 3.86 gals. water to yield 5 gals. after boil & chill.
Total mash volume with grains is 4.33 gallons.
6.01 gallons in boiling pot prior to boil with 1.05 gravity.
7.36 gals. of water with a 60min. boil.

Additions: 1 tsp Irish Moss & 1/2tsp WYEAST Yeast Nutrient at 15min.

Chill to 68degF. and pitch 1 packet Safale S-05. Primary for 2-3 weeks till terminal gravity of 1.015 is reached.

Prime with approriate amount of corn sugar and bottle.

Tasting notes will be added after beer is mature.

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