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Brewkowski 09-15-2009 03:36 AM

Summer Suds
Going for a light summer beer for easy drinking and so far it's turned out really nice.

8oz of the following: Honey Malt, Flaked Corn, Flaked Rice, Flaked Wheat, 6 Row

4oz Special Roast

1lb. 2 Row

3lb. Extra Light DME

2oz Zeus Hops 16.4%

Heated 1 gal of water to about 130 and held grains for 20 minutes

Bump heat to 150 and hold for 1 hour

Add 3 more gallons and start boiling

60 min Remaining .25oz hops
25 min remaining .25oz hops
10 min remaining .25oz hops, 1Tsp Nutrient, 1 Whirlfloc, DME
5 min remaining .25oz hops
0 min remaining .25oz hops, 1/2lb cane sugar

rehydrate yeast while waiting to cool

pitched around 70 degrees and used frozen 2ltr bottles to keep it cooler during fermentation. Racked to keg after about 3 weeks and pitched with 5oz priming sugar. It's sitting in a keg waiting to be consumed. I don't have a regulator so my carb level is all over the place, the first growler was foamy but flat (?) so I'm just going to keep it untapped until I take it to a rehearsal dinner for one of my friends.

Never worked with Zues hops before, but it seems really refreshing in this beer.

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