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uwmgdman 07-07-2007 05:27 PM

Sprecher Amber Clone - Ale Style
This beer was made as a partial mash with late extract addition and a smaller boil volume, adjust hopping accordingly! This brew turned out great, I've yet to do a side by side with the real thing. They won't be exact since I used 1056 not lager yeast, but from memory it comes plenty close. FWIW, my boil volume was 3.5 gallons.

Partial Mash:
4.0 lb Maris Otter 3.0L 38 ppg
0.5 lb Munich 8L 35 ppg
0.5 lb Caravienna 22L 35 ppg
0.5 lb Crystal 120L 33 ppg

Mash at 155F for 45 mins and then batch sparge, I used 1.2 qts/lb for the mash.

1.25 oz Cascade Pellets 5.8%AA 60 min
1.oo oz Mt. Hood Pellets 4.2%AA 2 min

3lb Briess Pilsen DME - 15 min remaining

1 tsp Irish Moss -15 min.

4.8% ABV.

A tasty brew! I will do a side by side sometime soon!

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