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NGoree24 07-09-2012 08:00 PM

Golden Ale Recipe
Ever since Rogue stopped making their Oregon Golden Ale I've been trying to create something on my own. Ive tried making things more toward Rogues flavor profile but recently decided to start creating my own recipes and im looking for some tips. Here is one that I created today. I have not made it yet but I was looking for some comments on whether or not some of the ingredients seemed odd or if I was missing something.

Briess Caramel 20L - 1/2 lb
Carapils 1.5L - 1/4 lb
Light Carastan 13L - 1/4 lb (odd?)
Corn (crushed) - 1/8 lb

Organic Light LME - 3.5 lbs

Cascade Hops - 1 oz
Mt. Hood - 1oz

Wyeast West Yorkshire Liquid Yeast

Heat grains at 155F for 30 min
Remove grains and bring to a full boil
Remove from heat
Add light LME
Bring wort to full boil
Once boil is achieved add 1oz Cascade Hops
Boil for 40 min
Add Mt. Hood hops
Boil for 10 min
Add 2 tsp Irish Moss
Boil for 10 min

Cool wort down to 75-70F
Filter and add to primary
Add water to bring wort up to 5 gal mark
Aerate wort and add yeast

Let me know what you think and where im possibly off.

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