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mrk305 12-18-2007 10:52 PM

Easy Blonde (All Grain)
Brewed this one for the BMC drinkers. Should be ready for Christmas.

10.5 pounds American Two Row
1/2 pound Crystal Malt 10

.75 Northern Brewer Hops 60 minutes
.50 Saaz Hops 15 minutes
.50 Saaz Hops 1 minute

Mashed 1 hour at 151 w/ 3.5 gallons water
sparged twice with 170 for 10 minutes each to achieve 6.5 gallons total
6.5 gallon boil for 45 minutes
add immersion chiller
regain boil and add irish moss
boil for 15 more minutes

Tried this after one week in the bottles. I personally like a little more hops than this recipe, but pretty good for a session beer. Should be about 5%ABV. I am bringing an assortment of beers to my brother's for Christmas, and I thought we would start with these.

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