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enderwig 08-03-2008 12:34 AM

Conceited Bastard
This is a toned down version of Arrogant Bastard, which I love, but can't drink more than 1 or 2 bombers of without walking into walls! :cross: This tastes quite similar, just a little thinner and lighter on the alcohol. Not that it matters, but if I had to choose a style, I would call this a very hoppy APA, it surely isn't big enough to be an IPA, and it definitely is not an Old Ale like the bastard. I have made this recipe 3 times now, and it is always a hit with people that like AB.


10# US 2Row
1# Crystal 120 (80 works if you can't get 120)


1.25oz Chinook (FWH)
1/2oz Chinook (20min)
1/2oz Chinook (10min)
1/4oz Chinook (5min)


1pkg Nottingham rehydrated


154F for 60mins or until conversion is achieved


2.2-2.3 volumes, too much fizz is a detriment to this beer.

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