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HopLife 11-22-2011 06:13 PM

Broken Bat APA
Broken Bat IPA:

10 gallon batch

Recipe Gravity: 1.045 OG
Recipe Bitterness: 78 IBU
Recipe Color: 6 SRM
Estimated FG: 1.011
Brewhouse Efficiency: 72%

American vienna 3.00 lb, Grain, Mashed
CaraPils 1.00 lb, Grain, Mashed
Crystal 15L 1.00 lb, Grain, Mashed
Oregon Select malt 12.00 lb, Grain, Mashed

Chinook 0.50 oz, Whole, 60 minutes
Magnum 0.50 oz, Whole, 60 minutes
Centennial 1.50 oz, Whole, 20 minutes
Chinook 1.00 oz, Whole, 20 minutes
Magnum 1.00 oz, Whole, 20 minutes
Cascade 2.00 oz, Whole, 2 minutes
Centennial 2.00 oz, Whole, 2 minutes
Chinook 0.50 oz, Whole, 2 minutes
Cascade 2.00 oz, Whole, 0 minutes
Centennial 0.50 oz, Whole, 0 minutes
Cascade 1.50 oz, Whole, Dry hop 7 days
Centennial 1.00 oz, Whole, Dry hop 7 days

Recipe Notes:

step mash reaching about 140f for 15 min and then climbing up to 147 for 15 min then up to 154 to complete conversion. when conversion is complete heat to 170f for transfer to lauter tun. Later tun should be preheated.

mash in with 1.25 qt/pound; 21.25 qts

Use a water profile similar to Burton on Trent

This beer is very tasty and easy to drink. The low ABV is a nice change of pace compared to other hoppy options.


DeNomad 11-22-2011 06:23 PM

Subscribed. I have a similar recipe to try out with Simcoe and Amarillo, aiming for 50 IBU. Have you considered FWH to get a smoother bitterness and more flavour out of your hops?

HopLife 11-22-2011 06:37 PM

I have considered FWH but I don't have a good way to calculate IBU contribution so I haven't gone there yet. Simcoe is one of my favorite hops, but I have not been able to find any around here for almost a year.

HopLife 01-03-2012 08:12 PM

1 Attachment(s)
I thought it would be helpful to post a picture of the finished beer. :mug:

This is after about 7 weeks from the brew date and about 4 weeks in bottles.

Let me know how the recipe works for you.

HopLife 01-16-2012 03:42 AM

Anybody brewed this yet? over 500 views.

bump :D

HopLife 05-23-2012 03:02 AM

I am currently in the process of simplifying this recipe and adapting it to some of my new techniques. I no longer make any additions between 15 minutes and knock out. All of the flavor additions go in at knock out for a 20 minute steep at 200 - 180 degrees. This way I lose fewer of the volatile aromatics. I also am considering changing to a pale ale base malt so I can reduce the amount of vienna...which I will probably change to weyerman munich I. Stay tuned for a new recipe or shoot me your ideas for a recipe. Remember this is not a typical pale ale. This is supposed to be a sweet citrus take on a session IPA. It will be a west coast syle Ipa with plenty of hops. One you can drink all day.. kinda like bridgeport.

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