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nukebrewer 03-04-2009 12:53 AM

Shillelagh Irish Red
3 lbs light dry extract
3 lbs pale 2-row
1 lbs crystal 20L
.5 lbs cara pils
.25 lbs munich
.125 lbs chocolate malt
.125 lbs roasted barley

1.5 oz Willamette at 60 mins

2 tsp irish moss at 15 minutes

1 pkg Wyeast 1084 Irish Ale Yeast

Single infusion mash for 60 minutes at 152F. Strike water temp was 164F. Nothing out of the ordinary was done as far brewing process goes.

Side by Side comparison:

For this comparison I chose Samuel Adams Irish Red.

Aroma: The aroma of mine is a bit stronger, occasionally hints at a bit of sourness, but nothing else about the beer suggests it. There is a bit of a chocolaty caramel aroma to it, but it is very faint. No hop aroma.
Appearance: Mine is a little darker than the SA and not nearly as clear. I can still see through it when I hold it up to a light but the SA still comes in a bit lighter. The color is a deep reddish amber that makes it look like it tastes.
Flavor: Malty, a little sweet up front and the caramel hint in the aroma is definitely more apparent in the flavor. This is a very flavorful beer that comes very close to the flavor of the SA. The bitterness is nice and subtle with almost no hop flavor. The mouthfeel is medium and finishes medium.

I'd say with a few tweaks this could become a viable Sam Adams Irish Red clone. Maybe knock off the chocolate malt for a little lighter color and less sweetness. I think that will be the only thing I change the next time I brew this one.

If anyone brews this, let me know what you think. :mug:


Ben_D 04-14-2012 06:52 PM

Just got done brewing 2 gallons of this. Since I reduced the recipe some changes were made including yeast being used (Nottingham dry ale yeast). I can let you know in a couple of weeks how she does.

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