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Staestc 09-11-2014 05:41 PM

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Having read through this red thread I would really like to brew it. Given my inexperience, I would appreciate it if the experts here could look at the ingredients I plan to buy and verify that I have not screwed anything up before I purchase it all.

The original recipe from way back at the beginning of the thread is all of the left side of the table, and the stuff I have identified on Northern Brewer is in the right hand column of the attached jpg. Have I picked out the right things?

I can't attach the Excel file,which is too bad because the NB ingredients are hyperlinks, but y'all probably can tell just by the names.

Thanks very much,

Staestc 12-17-2014 12:25 AM

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Okay, so bottled two weeks. Chilled and opened one Sunday and it seemed thin and was pretty flat. Just opened another, not chilled this time, and it is awesome!!
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No lacing in the glass, but it tastes fantastic. I'm thinking it's one of three things:
1 - some bottles did not seal well, possible because I noticed that some caps had a point sticking out
2 - sugar was not distributed evenly. Also possible, because while we put the sugar solution in the bottling bucket before we racked into it, we did not stir it up before bottling
3 - this beer may just be better at cellar temps around 55-65° which is the temp it is right now.

Regardless, this bottle is awesome and I have brewed a very good beer!

Thanks for the recipe and I am looking forward to doing the all grain version!

jmward21 03-01-2015 05:14 PM

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Update: it's been 2 months since I brewed my first batch. As you can see, it's cleared up great. The flavor is fantastic. Do yourself a favor and make this. Batch 2 is ready for the keg when this one taps out.

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